Monday, August 20, 2012

Hoptimus Prime IPA (not a clone)

Although the frosty glass makes
this beer look a bit cloudy,
its quite beautiful!
I will be honest, I really dislike most IPAs. Many of the IPAs I've had are either way too malty and alcoholic, or way too hoppy. For some of them, you might as well just be eating straight hops. However, there are a few IPAs that get it right (in my opinion, mind you). These IPAs are nicely alcoholic, are not too thick, have a floral and fruity aroma, and the bitterness is balanced with the malt. As such, I really wanted to brew an IPA that fit this profile and that would not only please my palate, but my friends' as well. I used mostly Chinook hops because of their floral and piny aroma. I had some Saaz sitting in my freezer from a previous brew as well, so I decided that I'd throw those in too for aroma. Also, I dry hopped an ounce of the Chinook hops the entire two weeks of secondary. After tasting this brew, I felt like I had really hit the mark. The name came from a friend of mine, who said that she always wanted to see a beer named "Hoptimus Prime." I am quite proud to bring you the following recipe:

*This beer, or its name, has no relation with Ruckus Brewing or Legacy Brewing Co.'s beer. This beer is an original recipe.

Hoptimus Prime IPA
Style: American IPA
Type: All Grain
OG: 1.063
FG: 1.008
ABV: 7.2 %
Go beer, go!
IBU's: 49.18
Boil Size: 5.83 Gal
Batch Size: 5.00 Gal
Boil Time: 60 minutes

Primary: 14 days @ 66.0°F
Secondary: 14 days @ 72.0°F
Bottle/Keg: 14 days @ 74.0°F

Grains & Adjuncts
10.00 lbs Rahr 2-Row
0.75 lbs Dingemans Caramel Pils
0.25 lbs Briess Caramel 120L
Happy beer, chillin' next to
its homie, Mr. Strawberry Wine.
0.30 lbs Cara-Pils/Dextrine

0.75 ozs Chinook - 60 mins
0.50 ozs Chinook - 10 mins
1.00 ozs Saaz - 10 mins
0.50 ozs Chinook - 1 mins
1.00 ozs Chinook - 14 days (dry hopped during secondary)

American Ale - Wyeast Labs 1056

Mash Profile
Light Body Infusion - 60 min @ 152.0°F
Add 16.95 qt (1.50 qt/lb) water @ 167.4°F

4.4 oz Corn Sugar