Beer Recipes

"Yo Mama's Magic Mild" English Mild Ale

A great drinking ale, this beer is a palate pleaser for any occasion. Low bitterness and low alcohol content make this the perfect beer to drink all day long without getting too drunk. For those on a tight budget, this beer is also incredibly inexpensive to brew (a 5-gallon batch costs around $15 for grain, hops, and yeast at my local brew store)!

"The Doctor" Coconut Kava Porter

This is a truly unique porter, with amazing flavors to boot. It is essentially the same recipe as my Coco Loco Moco Porter (recipe below), however I have soaked a pound of whole kava root in the beer for 4 hours prior to kegging (or bottling, if you wish). The resulting beer is a truly relaxing brew!
"Jack's Legacy" Imperial IPA

Crafted in memory of Jack McCorkle (1988-2102). This is a beer that has been specifically crafted in order to honor the beer that Jack loved most: super-hopped, high gravity Imperial IPA's. This is a beer that is truly for the heart.
Snowy Summit Winter Warmer

Mulling spices, fuggles hops, and some darker grains give this winter ale a very drinkable richness that is reminiscent of sitting by a warm fire on a snowy day. Unlike some winter warmers, this beer is not too thick, bitter, or overly spiced. Yum!
Punch-Drunk Monk Dubbel

In my mind, dubbels are the holy grail of Belgian beers, and they are one of my favorite beers to drink when winter approaches. Hearty, sweet, and rich, but not filling like a stout, this beer has flavors elements of raisin, spice, plum, and rum.

Coco Loco Moco Porter

This coconut porter recipe uses freshly toasted flaked coconut and vanilla to compliment the rich and chocolatey malts. It has flavors of dark roasted coffee beans, vanilla cream, and dark chocolate on the nose; vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and espresso on the front end; coconut cream and mild hops on the back end.

White Hippo Witbier IPA

This recipe is a modified version of a witbier (also known as white beer). Coriander, sweet orange peel, and lemon compliment the variety of hops used. The flavor profile has citrus and guava on the nose; lemon, apple, and rose on the front end; tangerine on the back end. This is one of my most favorite IPAs of all time.

Hoptimus Prime IPA

This is my first IPA recipe, and it turned out really, really well. Floral and grapefuity on the nose; lemon, orange, and cream on the front end; pine and grapefruit on the back end. This IPA is not overly hoppy, nor is it super malty. This beer pleased all of my IPA-loving friends, and even some of those who didn't care for IPA's at all.
*This beer, or its name, has no relation with Ruckus Brewing or Legacy Brewing Co.'s beer. This beer is an original recipe.

Summer's Kiss Ale (Summer Solstice Clone)

If you are looking for a nice and creamy summer beer that isn't too strong, look no further. This is an all-grain recipe.

"Hive Five" Honey Amber Ale 

This honey amber ale recipe uses honey for both sweetening the wort and as priming sugar. You can experiment with different honeys and get a wide variety of delicious flavors! Although this stuff is really good right when its ready, it becomes completely amazing after aging 3 or 4 months in a cool basement. This This beer is easy to brew and uses a combination of liquid malt extract and steeped specialty grains.

"Old Vasily" Russian Imperial Stout 

A modified clone of North Coast Brew Co.'s "Old Rasputin," I made this recipe in honor of my good friend, Vasily. This beer is easy to brew and uses a combination of liquid malt extract and steeped specialty grains. If you like dark, hoppy, high alcohol content beers, this is definitely one to try!

  "Georgia Peach" American Wheat

This peach wheat ale is a fantastic brew for those hot summer days. This recipe uses liquid malt extract, and is a great beer for beginner brewers.