How to build an inexpensive stir plate!

I built an awesome stir plate out of a cigar box, and here I show you how you can build one too for around $10 or less.
How to conduct an all-grain brew (video)

Thanks to my friend Jeremy, I can proudly offer my first how-to video! Here I will take you through the process of an all-grain brew, including the mash, sparge, and boil.

How to build your own beer line cleaning system! It's inexpensive and easy!

I've heard of some very interesting ways to clean beer lines, ranging from gravity-driven methods to disassembling and soaking the lines. Finally, I came across a completely genius solution that was also incredibly inexpensive. I decided to build it myself, and it worked perfectly!

How I built my kegerator out of a 25 cu. ft. upright freezer (aka keezer)

Here I detail how I constructed my home-made kegerator.

How to Disassemble and Clean a Corny Keg

An easy to understand explanation of how to properly clean a cornelius (corny) keg

How to effectively remove bottle labels 

Bottles are expensive, so many people choose to reuse empty beer bottles for their home brew. Some beer labels, however, can be quite difficult to remove. Through trial and error, I have found a very effective way to get off those pesky labels!