Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"Jack's Legacy," Imperial IPA

In Memory of Jack McCorkle, 1988-2012
Jack absolutely loved beer. He loved beer almost as much as he loved music, and few people have been in love with music as much as Jack. Jack didn't just love any beer, however; Jack was devoted to intensely hopped IPA's and Imperial IPA's. The beers he loved most hit around 80-105 IBU's and between 7.5% and 10.5% ABV. When Jack passed away in November of 2012, he left a couple 22 oz beers in his fridge. These beers are a testament to the type of beer he was most drawn to: a Lagunitas "Hop Stoopid" (102 IBUs, 8% ABV) and an Arrogant Bastard Double Bastard Ale ("classified" high IBU level, 11.2% ABV).

Since Jack passed away, I've been trying to think of a way that I could both commemorate and honor his life, love, and friendship. I suddenly realized, what better way to commemorate his life than with a beer that he would love? A friend of mine likes to say that we share "coffee for the mind, beer for the heart, and conversation for the soul." If beer is for the heart, then what more could I ask than for the opportunity to share a little bit of Jack's spirit with other peoples' hearts? That is why I set out to craft this beer recipe, and it is why I will continue to hone this recipe until I get it perfect. What is perfect, you ask? Perfect, in this case, would be a beer that Jack would love deeply and want to drink every day.
Recirculating the wort

The following recipe is for a high gravity, high hopped IIPA. It shouldn't be attempted by the faint-at-heart, by emo kids (do they even still exist anyway?), or by any ninny that can't take a hefty dose of hops and alcohol to the brain. That's the way Jack would want it, so that's how its gonna be. Extra special thanks to my friend and neighbor, +Brendan Callahan, for taking the pictures from brew day.

Since I just brewed this beer, it won't be ready to drink (and thus review) until May 6th, 2013. As I dry hop, keg, and then finally serve this mighty beer, I will update this post with pics and an overall review. If you live in Portland, Oregon (or the surrounding areas), you are welcome to come over and share a pint, as well as experience a little bit of Jack.

Note: this recipe has gone through many versions, and the recipe stated below is the most recent version.

Jack's Legacy IIPA
Style: Imperial IPA
Type: All Grain
Calories: 308 per 12 oz.
OG: 1.096
Adding the bittering hops
FG: 1.016
ABV: 10.39%
IBU's: 102.57
Batch Size: 5.0 Gal
Boil Time: 90 minutes

Primary: 14 days @ 68.0°
Secondary: 14 days @ 72.0°F
Keg: 14 days @ 40.0°F

Grains & Adjuncts
19.00 lbs Pale Malt (2 Row) - UK
1.00 lbs Munich Malt - 20L
Saving spent grain for dog food!
0.50 lbs Caramel/Crystal Malt - 10L
0.50 lbs Caramel/Crystal Malt - 40L
1.00 lbs Sugar, Table (Sucrose) - added during the last 15 mins of boil

1.00 ozs Magnum - 60 mins
1.00 ozs Centennial - 60 mins
0.50 ozs Centennial - 30 mins
0.50 ozs Citra - 30 mins
1.00 ozs Cascade - 10 mins
1.00 ozs Centennial - 10 mins
1.00 ozs Amarillo Gold - 10 mins
1.00 ozs Amarillo Gold - 1 mins
1.00 ozs Cascade - 1 mins
1.00 ozs Cascade - dry hop for 7 days
1.00 ozs Amarillo Gold - dry hop for 7 days
1.00 ozs Centennial - dry hop for 7 days
1.00 ozs Citra - dry hop for 7 days

White Labs 0007 - Dry English Ale
*Because this is such a high-gravity beer, it is important to pitch enough yeast. Either make a two-stage 2L yeast starter or pitch 4 vials of yeast in order to achieve proper attenuation rates.

1.00 tsp Irish Moss - last 15 mins of boil

Mash Profile
Light Body Infusion with Mash Out - 60 min @ 148.0°F
Add 31.5 qt (1.5 qt/lb) water @ 167.2°F
Mash Out - 10 min @ 168°F
Add 16.5 qts water @ 212°F

11.2 psi Force Carbonation 40.0°F (2.4 vols)