Wednesday, May 9, 2012

15-gallon mash/lauter tun cooler system with HLT

Today, I received my new all-grain mash/lauter tun system from the guys at It is a 15 gallon system, so it is possible to do very high gravity brews, such as barley wines. The awesome thing is that the price these guys charge (including shipping and handling) only costs about $10 more than if I were to buy everything and build it myself! The mash tun has a sparge ring built into the lid that is fed by the HLT(see pic below), so performing a continuous sparge is super easy! I've still got ingredients for one more extract brew, but once that's all done with, I'll be able to start using this system!

The tube on the left feeds into the
wort pot.
Side profile of the system.
The HLT feeds the mash tun and
the flow is easily regulated through
a valve system
Inside the mash tun