Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chili Mango (or just mango) Soda Recipe!

I recently started brewing my own sodas, which has been very easy and a whole lot of fun! No soda stream or force carbonating system is required, just yeast :) I've been trying to formulate recipes that would compliment different spirits (e.g., bourbon, vodka, gin, and tequila). My most recent, and personal favorite, is a chili mango soda! Its presents with a delicious mango-packed flavor and body, and a nice, but slight, tartness on the back end. Once the tartness begins to fade, you get subtle spicy notes that grow with each sip; it's simply delicious. You can also simply omit the red chili flakes and just make some yummy mango soda. I've found that this soda pairs really well with vodka, bourbon and tequila. For a fantastic combo with a kick, try mixing it with some jalapeno and lime infused tequila! Here is the recipe and the process for making this soda:

*this recipe is for 2 litres of soda

  • Juice of 1 lemon
  • 1 teaspoon red chili flakes (optional)
  • ¾ cup of sugar
  • ¼ teaspoon Champaign yeast
  • ½ to 1 mango (very ripe), pureed
  • One empty 2-litre soda bottle (you can also use three 20 oz. soda bottles, but make sure to scale the sugar back a tad)

  1. Boil 1 ½ cups of water and then add sugar. Boil for 15 minutes then cool to ~100* F.
  2. As the sugar water is cooling, slice and puree the mango. If necessary, add a little water to thin out the puree. Add the mango puree to the bottle(s).
  3. Once the sugar water has cooled to around 100*F, decant it into large glass jug or bottle, and the add lemon juice and chili flakes. Aerate the mixture well by shaking it vigorously. Add yeast and then aerate again. 
  4. Once the yeast is dissolved, let the mixture cool to room temperature, and then add to bottle(s). 
  5. Store for 24-48 hours at room temperature. You will know the soda is ready when the bottle is very hard. Do not allow the soda to sit at room temperature for more than 48 hours, or they could explode! Once the soda bottles are hard, refrigerate them immediately.
  6. As soon as the soda is nice and cold (~45*F), its ready to enjoy (and delicious to boot)!